Absolutely Miraculous

The convergence of mysticism and the new physics has brought us to the gateway of a new understanding as humanity.  We are at the edge of a newly realized reality of the nonmaterial world, of invisible fields that influence, of waves that convey information, of minds that pervade.

With this premise in mind, the goal of this blog is to:

  • Outline the paradigm shift which we are experiencing through the exploration of edge science
  • Explain the relevance of human consciousness in this process
  • Outline ways to personally, directly, and experientially tap into fields of consciousness in a practical way
  • Outline a positive vision of the future that lays ahead
  • Explore how we get between today and the future of tomorrow, the catalytic levers in the system to get us there, and the role we can each play as individuals in effecting this

We thank you for joining us on this journey...

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