What Are Energy Fields?

Energy Fields

A field is defined as a self-organizing region of influence, a matrix which connects two or more points in space.

Energy fields are all around us, with gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields measurable and well understood today.  Researchers have postulated that the effects of consciousness may also be explained by a new type of energy field which is the fundamental field of existence.  Invisible self-organizing fields of influence have been postulated for millennia in the form of yoga’s prana, Taoism’s qi, Jung’s collective unconscious, Bohm’s quantum potential theory-- and are detectable today not through measurement but rather through their effects.

These energy fields have been found to entrain, resonate, and synchronize to surroundings as a natural impulse of energy exchange, in much the same way that pendulum clocks, menstrual cycles, or fireflies do.  They may, in fact, represent an innate impulse of living systems to send, receive, and store information.  They are experientially felt by many and may represent the mechanism behind the high performance functioning we see every day in individuals like athletes or artists, bonded pairs like couples in love, close family units, or groups of dancers or musicians.  At the micro level, these fields have been shown to have the ability to “imprint” and alter the molecular structure of materials or revitalize our food and water.  At the macro level, even earth and solar system-scale fields have been demonstrated to have an effect on the human body. However, as these energy fields are not directly measurable today, they remain entirely unacknowledged by science.  Although invisible and not yet measurable, these fields will prove to be important in our understanding of our world and deeply associated with the mechanism of consciousness.

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