Sensing Energy Fields and Connecting with them

Sensing Energy Fields and Connecting

The Greeks distinguished between two kinds of knowledge: rational propositional knowledge, and direct knowledge obtained through sense experience and knowingness.  They called the second kind of knowledge gnosis, and its attributes are remarkably similar to the experiences of creative breakthroughs and remote viewing.  The French mathematician Jules Henri Poincare told friends that on two occasions major breakthroughs seemed to come “from thin air.” Einstein said he “saw” relativity as he idled away in a canoe after an illness.  Darwin said that after years of collecting data, on a day when he was relaxed and away from his workplace, “the key elements of evolution fell into place in an instant.”  It is precisely these direct, personal experiences of the world around us, these ways to access intuitive knowledge, that give deep meaning to life.  And it is precisely these experiences that seem induced by sensing energy fields in our world and connecting with them.

Through resonant connection with the field of energy and information all around us, one can experience the full spectrum of higher dimensional realities, past three dimensional physical reality, experientially, as our soul uses all dimensions to create learning experiences that enhance your evolution.

This resonant connection as part of sensing energy fields:

  • Is felt in the body (typically in the heart and upper torso area, sometimes the eyes) as “rhythmic quickening, expansion, connecting with other hearts through threads or cottony connections, an arrow piercing the heart. An overall body sensation even in the cells feeling “expansion or opening, letting go, relaxing, tingling, peacefulness, a certain vibration or resonance.”)
  • Contains movement and rhythm (having a “spiral quality”)
  • Involves emotion (and a shift out of the head into joy, gratitude, appreciation, empathy, compassion, and love)
  • Is felt as a connection to others (a feeling of belong to a group and acknowledgement of commonality or similarity with the others).
  • Involves a felt sense of movement of boundaries (individual body or cells felt larger, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually expanded; group expansion of space; collective sense of oneness or unity, dissolution of individual boundaries and adoption of the collective boundaries as one’s own.
  • Is high energy (sense of aliveness, a power or strength)
  • Includes touch and close physical proximity
  • Requires a shift out of the cognitive and intellectual domain (out of brain-centered thinking to receptivity to physical, intuitive, spiritual sources of information)
  • Is felt as a connection to self
  • Feels calm, grounded, and relaxed
  • Feels like an altered state of consciousness (with lost awareness of time)
  • Contains awareness of an energy field (surrounding or enfolding the group)
  • Is felt as a connection to spirit
  • Requires total presence
The Subjective Experience of Invisible Energy Fields of Influence