What in the World are You Doing as a Spirit in a Body?

Spirit in a Body: What is this all about?

"Why are we here?," we often wonder.  "What is life all about?

There are millennia-old religious traditions and even current day past life research which tells us that we are spirit in a body: spirits having a human bodily experience.  Should this be the case, what in the world is the purpose?

The ancient Vedic texts tell us that the goal of life is to recover our awareness as spirits in our body and add to this awareness as spirits over the course of our lifetimes.  The International Academy of Consciousness postulates that most people recover only 50% of their awareness as a spirit in a body in any particular lifetime. The more consciousness we recover, the faster we have awareness of consciousness. In this life, we are working off karma, or a multidimensional cobweb, with a group of others we have chosen to reincarnate with.

The universe is a cobweb of relationships extraphysical (outside of the seen physical world) and intraphysical (within the seen world).  The notion of the universe grows as we understand it is larger than just our direct family. As we have memories of our past lives and out of body experiences, we become more universalistic beings.

The Vedas tell us that our souls are individuated aspects of the universal energy field that some people refer to as God, and others refer to as the zero-point energy field- the background quantum energy field of the universe which contains and connects all things. This field is “a state of pure potential and infinite possibility.” It is also a state of infinite love.  As we take fear out of our lives and build trust, we open up the space in our minds to experience and manifest the love that exists in the fourth higher dimension of reality (where spirit resides) in our three dimensional world.

The true purpose of our spirit in a body is to live without fear in an authentic way (a values driven life) and manifest our talents (a purpose driven life) in this dimension of consciousness so we can unify with each other in our physical reality. In other words, the purpose is to consciously manifest in three dimensional physical reality the world we experience in the fourth dimension of consciousness where spirit resides- a world of unity and love.  When we are able to do this collectively, we will have created what the religious scriptures refer to as heaven on earth.


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