The Subjective Experience of Invisible Energy Fields of Influence

energy fields

The Feeling of Being Immersed in an Environment of Invisible Energy Fields

People experience different effects in the presence of certain energy fields:

  • The somatic effects can be that the metabolism accelerates, hunger, thirst, tiredness, sweating, dizziness, altered state of consciousness, feeling of being hot.
  • The energetic effects can be flux, expansion of energy, ballooning of energy, feeling different ideas and emotions.
  • The psychological effects may be euphoria, serenity, calm.
  • The mental effects may be expanded lucidity/consciousness and multidimensional self-awareness.

In energy fields, there can be a condensation of energy, so the air feels denser. These fields can have many shapes and fluctuate in temperature and density. One’s mental state will shift in the presence of energy fields as well.

Characteristics of  invisible energy fields

Energy fields are:

  • Hydrophilic: absorb, require water, so one may end up feeling a bit dehydrated after being in a field
  • Pseudopodal: they can reach out to others outside the field
  • Aromatic: may have certain smells or odors, typically a flower, tree, etc.
  • Ameboid: jello-like in shape and is more concentrated in the center
  • Gradated: with gradients of intensity closer to the epicenter
  • Hypersensitive to light, just like ectoplasm
  • Sensitive to movements, so one should move slowly
  • Therapeutic for people
  • Different in type: male/female, water, animal, earth, air, plant energy
  • Short circuiting energetic communication
  • Stimulating introspection, self-analysis

How best to see energy fields?

The environment most conducive to interacting with such energy fields includes:

  • Semiobscured/dark lighting (to increase ectoplasm density)
  • 70 degrees F or less
  • Wearing white clothing for visibility of energy
  • Uncrossing  arms and legs for subtle energy flow
  • Having the field penetrate you instead of your grabbing the field to interact with it
  • Quiet, as the field is affected by noise and will revert to the epicenter
Sensing Energy Fields and Connecting with them